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Easy and Fast to Set Up

An ecommerce store has never been as easy to set up. Simply fill in our sign up form, choose your design and watch your store being built before your very eyes. 
We have built a highly automated system to ensure that you can be online, and running you very own store as quickly as possible, with no hassle. 

Add 1000's of Products Quickly

Whether you want to sell 10 products, or 10,000 products. VionoStore lets you add products individually or upload and configure products in bulk.

Manage Your Products

Managing your products is simple, display them by brand or category, and order them how you like across your store. Select products to appear on your homepage or at the top of their specific product pages. 

Upsell and Cross sell to Your Customers

Upsell by offering your customers options on the products that they purchase, as well as cross selling by making your customers aware of what complimentary products you offer, all on your product details screen. 
Don't miss an opportunity to offer your customers more of what they want with VionoStore. 

Latest Deals / Offers / Best Sellers

Seasonal promotions, a best sellers list, special offers and sale discounts. All of these can be easily arranged and displayed on your site through advertising banner spaces and special product listings. Also, take advantage of the inbuilt email marketing system that lets you email your customers directly about your latest and greatest products. 

Orders and Customers

Without customers and orders, you can't have a thriving ecommerce store. For that reason, VionoStore has inbuilt order and customer management modules that make sure you can make the most of your store. 
You are automatically notified of orders as they come in and the order module makes them easy to identify, process and be aware of the status of any order, at any time. Also use our integral customer notification system within the orders module to let your customers know what is happening with their order.
Our customer management module lets you know who has registered with your store, and who, out of those who have registered, have purchased. See which customers have been most loyal and purchased the most items on your store, or work out where your strongest customer base is.  
Most of all, use the information VionoStore gives you to keep your customers satisfied and happy


Shipping is undoubtedly complex when you have an ecommerce store, so we have made sure that your shipping settings don't complicate anything. 
We offer a range of straightforward  shipping options so that you can price your shipping just right and offer your customers the best service possible. Whether you want to offer a flat rate of shipping, or ship by the weight of the items in the basket, whether you want to ship per item, or even offer free shipping, VionoStore can handle it all. 

Keep Your Customers in the Loop

Good communication is key in anything that involves the internet. For that reason, VionoStore is packed with ways for you to keep in touch with your customers and offers automated functionality that means you keep them up to date without having to lift a finger. 


In built reports let you see how many visitors your store gets and what those visitors are looking at. See which are you most popular products for browsers, and which products are purchased most often. Reports allow you to take action on your store in line with how customers are really behaving.