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Your VionoStore Website

1. What modules come as standard with VionoStore?
VionoStore is a comprehensive ecommerce solution, and this page would be very long if we listed all of the nuances of the system, but here's a quick overview of the general modules and pages that come as standard with VionoStore:
1) Homepage
Your homepage is your shop window. It's the place that most people will visit first and it should deliver the first impression that you want to make. For that reason, your VionoStore homepage can contain things like featured products, special offers, advertising banners, customer testimonials, best sellers lists and information about your business. We also make sure that your site is very easy to navigate so that your customers can find exactly what they're looking for. 
2) Extensive Product Catalogue Module
Whether you stock 10 products or 1,000,000 products, the VionoStore catalogue can handle the lot. Upload products and product images on mass, or refine them individually. Order them, filter them and grab a snapshot of your products all from the catalogue overview.
3) Categories & Brands
No matter what you stock, with VionoStore you can categorise them into different categories or brands so that customers who are browsing your store can find what they need quickly. Assigning your products to their categories or brands is easy, and is a great way for you to spread a single product throughout various sections of your store.
4) Orders & Customers
Manage your orders and keep track of your customers easily with our inbuilt order and customer management modules. All of the information that you need to fulfill orders and keep in touch with your customers is right at your finger tips.
5) Reports
Reports and statistics let you know exactly what is happening with your store, and with VionoStore there is live reporting right on your dashboard. Reports or simple and easy to follow, telling you the information that you need to know.
6) Mailing List
Build your mailing list in VionoStore easily with our MailChimp plug in. MailChimp is one of the best email marketing tools around, so you know that your mailing list is in good hands.
7) Blogging and News
Why not make your store a fully rounded resource for your customers by providing industry news and updates. VionoStore comes with a blog and a news feature to let you take your involvement in your store products as far as you want to.
8) Social Media
Want to promote your business on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? With VionoStore you can link those accounts up to your ecommerce site to make sure you are able to keep on building your fan base.
9) FAQs
Answer your customers questions right on your store with an inbuilt FAQ module. Easy to set up, helpful for your customers.
10) Testimonials
Getting some great reviews about your products or service? Let other people know by posting testimonials. Just another standard module from InovicaStore.
11) Freeform Pages
No matter what content you want to create on your website, you can do it with our freeform pages. Create as many pages as you like with text and images, and link them up wherever you like. Your store, your choice!
This is just a brief overview of what you can get with VionoStore. In addition we have automatically generated sitemaps and linking modules as well as a full shopping cart process that ensures your customers can get from A to B as quickly and as easily as possible.
Manage shipping, currency, tax and how your customers can pay with just a few clicks.

2. What additional modules can I get?
Everyone that signs up to VionoStore gets access to our full range of modules! The only difference in our packages is the numbers of products that you can add to that store.  

3. What if there is something that I think would really improve VionoStore?
Then let us know! While we cannot guarantee that you suggestion will be added to the store system right away, we do take our customers comments seriously, therefore we have a wishlist of items that we hope to be able to add to the VionoStore system in the near future.
If your suggestion can't be integrated right away, we will add it to that wishlist.