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Working With Viono

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Working With Viono

1. Who are Viono?
As a whole, Viono is a software company, where we aim to build products that we want to use ourselves. VionoStore is our first product to be fully realised in a form that we love and do use ourselves as a means of building revenue. 
Alongside VionoStore, we are also developing a range of supporting applications such as VionoConnect, a helpdesk to compliment your online business and also CompetitorMonitor, a service that lets you monitor your competitors for price changes, new products and business updates.

2. How much technical knowledge do I need to run a VionoStore website?
None! If you can turn a computer on, click through your various files and folders, and browse the internet, then you can run an ecommerce website through VionoStore.

3. How long does it take to build my ecommerce store?
Your store will be build in a matter of minutes. All you have to fill in is your name and email address, then create your log in details. Give your store a name, then choose a template and you're all set.  

4. How much help with Viono provide?
VionoStore is an ecommerce building system that has been developed to make things as straightforward as possible for you to set up and run your store, however everybody needs a bit of help sometimes.
For that reason we have created a VionoStore manual, along with shorter help sheets to get you through the set up process. We are also putting together help videos that will show you exactly what you need to do for each section of the VionoStore admin area.
Stay tuned for those! 
Which ever method of support suits you best, you can visit our help and support page to download the manual, read the help sheets or submit a support request to our helpdesk. Our videos will be listed here shortly as well.

5. What about the design of my store?
VionoStore comes packed with a range of store templates for you to choose from. These templates have been professionally designed to the highest standards, and will a high level of ecommerce expertise. That means that you are able to pick any one of our templates, with the peace of mind that we have done our research, and know exactly what sorts of winning forumlas make for great ecommerce stores.
What's more, we're adding new templates all of the time, and if you happen to deicide that you like a different template better, you can switch quite easily from your store admin. 

6. Can I see examples of ecommerce sites that have already been created?
Yes you can! You can view a selection of VionoStore ecommerce websites on our case studies page. All of these people have chosen to build their sites with VionoStore and are doing very well. 
If you build a VionoStore, and would like to feature in our case studies, be sure to let us know!

7. I already have an online store, why should I consider moving to VionoStore?
With VionoStore, not only to you get access to our wealth of ecommerce expertise and professionally designed store templates, but you also get a front row ticket to all of the future upgrades and updates that we make to the system.
You can operate your store, safe in the knowledge that, you won't get left behind by developments in internet world because we will be doing all of the keeping-up necessary to make sure that doesn't happen.