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Search Engine Optimisation & Traffic

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Search Engine Optimisation & Traffic

1. What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
Search engine optimisation, or SEO for short, is a processes whereby you use a series of carefully selected keywords and phrases, positioned on your website, and as links in material that is pushed out to the web in order to organically draw targeted traffic to your website.
If you sell plant pots, you're going to want to make sure you have lots of keywords about plant pots on your website and you're going to want to let people around the web know that you're a leading seller of plant pots so that people who are interested in buying plant pots can find your site, and know that you're the person to buy from. All of this can be done without paid advertising; that's the idea of SEO.

2. Can you do SEO for me?
No, unfortunately we do not perform SEO for our clients, and we have some good reasons for that. Firstly, we think that everyone who owns a website, should get to grips with SEO themselves. They don't necessarily have to become an expert, but even a small amount of knowledge can go along way here. Also, for anyone that has actually performed SEO, you will know that the road can be long, and the results disappointing to begin with. For that reason, we wouldn't want to take on a task where we weren't 100% sure that we could produce a very happy, satisfied customer. 
That said, there are loads of great SEO resources out there, and there are people and companies that will do SEO for you. 

3. Can I use Google Analytics?
Yes you can, and we recommend that you do. Google Analytics provides some great insights into the traffic that your site is receiving, and all you have to do to integrate it into your site is simply copy and paste the code provided by Google, into the field provided in your admin.

4. Can I find out how many people are visiting my site?
Yes you can! VionoStore comes with a range of inbuilt reports - both as snapshots on your dashboard when you log into your store, but also as more detailed reports in our reporting system. Visits to your site are monitored constantly so you can see how your visitor levels are progressing over time.

5. Can I find out what people are looking at on my site?
Yes! As well as finding out how much traffic is coming to your site, we also provide a report that lets you know what people are looking at. This report ranks your products by the number of people who have looked at them, and we also have a report that lets you know how many people have bought each product. This should give you a pretty good idea of which products to really push on your store.