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Selling Online

1. What are the benefits of selling online?
There are a great many benefits to selling online,  it can remove many hassles from the requirements of being a store owner, it opens your business up to a huge potential audience and it can be a very cost effective option for many retailers.
Having a store online takes away many of the pains that a bricks and mortar business offers up.  Heating, electricity bills, space, high rental costs and having to be at a certain location every single day. It gives you an element of freedom that you wouldn't have with a standard high street business.
The internet also opens up your store to a worldwide audience. With the right sort of products, and the right search engine optimisation, people from all over the world could find and buy your products online.
Depending on which business model you choose to adopt for your online business, your store could be very cost effective. A minimal rental fee is all that is required for you to own your store; everything you make on your store belongs to you. 

2. Do you have any advice about selling online?
The truth of the matter is that there is a lot of advice out there about selling online. A simple Google search would bring up endless amounts of results and there are lots of books written on the matter. What we would say to anyone starting out with a store, or who already owns one is:
  • Keep things simple! Make it easy for people to find what they're looking for
  • Get at least a basic understanding of search engine optimisation and how to market your store online
  • Try to understand your audience and work to meet their needs - not an easy task
  • Understand the market and industry you are in completely - make yourself an expert
  • Don't expect huge results overnight - be patient, and work hard

3. How can I take payments on my website?
First of all we should say that VionoStore has a fully fitted, comprehensive shopping cart, that takes your customers from their basket to finalising their purchase as quickly and as succinctly as possible. 
With that shopping cart, there are almost any number of payment options that you can integrate. Below are just a few examples, but if there is anything specific that you are looking to use, let us know!
  • Paypal
  • Google Checkout
  • Invoices
  • Credit Cards
  • Sage Pay
  • World Pay
  • Secure Trading

4. Am I limited in what I can sell on my website?
You are only limited in what you can sell, by what you can deliver to your customers. If you can stock it, post it, email it, link to it, and it's not illegal - you can sell it online.

5. How do I manage my orders?
It's simple. VionoStore has an entire module devoted to making order management as simply as humanly possible. Your orders are listed in date order with notes to offer helpful advice such as whether the customers payment was successful or not and at what stage the order is in your process. 
You can update order information so that other people in your business know what's happening and you can even opt to send those information updates to your customers to keep them in the loop to. 
What's more, your can easily print branded invoices and packing slips for each order, which are generated as soon as the order is made.